Building Bricks 1900+ Pieces Set – 1900 Pieces Classic Building Blocks Building Bricks Building Block and Mini Building Blocks for Ages 12 + Year Old Boys Girls & Adults Kids (Bright Pink)

41aLjLqvXrL. AC410jq3 GjlL. AC517qVqd3L9L. AC41CvadpS5ML. AC51NVTs2HgRL. AC41LNj4fKhVL. AC buynow3 Bored at home. There are miniature building blocks and small toys to spend your days at home. 1900+ miniature building blocks can make you spend a lot of happy time on it. Of course I believe you are a patient person.
You can do it with your children, friends and family. Increase the feelings between you. Of course, the division of labor and cooperation is very important, someone is responsible for finding accessories, someone is responsible for assembling it. You will have a happy time.
Packaging: The outer packaging is a carton that can well protect the small building blocks inside. There is also a very detailed assembly tutorial. There are also some auxiliary tools.
This is a piece of art, and you can put it in the display cabinet after you finish it. I guarantee that this small particle building block will not drop parts at any time. It is very firm.
After-sales: Our company will always protect the rights and interests of every customer. If you find that small building blocks are missing. We will return it for free. We just want you to enjoy the process of creating art. If you have any comments on us, please email me. We will reply to you within 24 hours.
🏆EACH SMALL BUILDIING BLOCK IS A FINE PRODUCT: 1700+ miniature building blocks are made of ABS plastic certified by international environmental standards. The product itself has no peculiar smell and no harm to human body. Each small building block is produced by full mechanical processing and polishing, and finally it is manually inspected and packaged. 100% quality assurance.
🏆SHOW YOUR INTELLIGENCE,ENDURANCE AND OBSERVATON: 1700+ blocks of miniature bricks + 54 different colors + 15 detailed steps. The complexity of this miniature brick may exceed your imagination, so you need to take your actions to complete it . You need to show your intelligence, endurance and observation. Of course, you still need your confidence.
🏆LET US FINISH IT TOGETHER! Friends gathering, family gathering, parent-child activities, daily games, a person’s boring time, it is the best toy. When you complete it with your family and friends, you will be proud of your results. You must put it in the display cabinet, that is your achievement.
🏆TIPS FOR USE: This product is packaged in a hard carton. There is a very detailed manual that records all the types of small blocks and how to complete the steps. You will classify the small building blocks by different colors and shapes to facilitate your search. Note: The installation position of each block must be accurate, otherwise the next step will not be possible
🏆AMAZON PRIME SERVICE: This product is completed by Fulfillment by Amazon Logistics with 7X24 hours after-sales service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Notice of missing piece compensation: If you find that the puzzle is missing a few pieces, you can contact us. I will give you a free return.,


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