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Are you still looking for the most suitable travel toy for your little explorer?

BST SHIER are original educational games to guide children through their learning experience while having fun! invents exciting,quality games and toys to spark imaginations, banish boredom, and open up a world of immense fun. Chinese Checkers game Magnetic for Kids, to meet the needs of children in travel,easily played at anyplace anytime.


2 Games on 1 Board

Checkers game on one side and tic tac toe outside game on the other side so children do not get bored playing just one game over & over again. The travel board games for children are uniquely designed on EVA material and paper so the board can be folded and easily stored.

3-fold design, with the size of 6.8inch x 6.8inch x 0.9inch, opens like a book and weighs only 0.66lb to ensure board fits in backpack so children can carry it to their school, on a camping trip, to their friend’s house, or while traveling to kill boredom.


Upgraded Chessed Pieces

Chess pieces are multi-layered, unlike those paper-thin pieces that are hard to pick, break easily, and do not stick ruining the kids travel game. These pieces have layers and are 8mm thick making them easy to pick. These layers are:

Waterproof film layer on topBeautiful pattern layerThickened sponge layerBottom magnetic layer

Because of the magnetic layer, these pieces stick to the board and do not break easily.


Perfect Travel Buddy

Now children won’t be irritated out of boredom while traveling as they will be able to enjoy these Chess board games for kids for travel while on a road trip or in-car towards their vacation spot.

Kids will learn to master these travel toys while camping, hanging out with their friends, at birthday parties, or during break time in school.

Kill boredom and have the most exciting time playing this engaging foldable travel board game be it indoors or outdoors.

Enjoy exciting Chess & tic tac toe outdoor games anytime!



BST SHIER is an emerging brand that focuses on producing engaging and fun board games & travel toys for children so that they don’t run out of fun activities ever again. Each product in our catalog is uniquely designed and premium-quality material is utilized to ensure longevity and never-ending fun.

As a parent, you will those smiles that these games will bring to your child’s face. Trust on us to make your kids’ game time a hundred times more enjoyable and thrilling

Kids toys and games that entertain children in a healthy way!

Recommended Age
3 AGE+ 3 AGE+ 3 AGE+
Ludo&Chinese Checkers Chess& Snake and Ladders Checkers&Tic-Tac-Toe

2 in 1 GAMES Ludo&Chinese Checkers 2 in 1 GAMES Chess& Snake and Ladders 2 in 1 GAMES Checkers&Tic-Tac-Toe

Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe Children Board Games – BST SHIER is bringing fun and exciting 3-fold travel toys which include Eva checkers board game for kids and Tic-tac-toe game for kids 3-10 years to enjoy while traveling or as group activity. Checkers printed on EVA material & paper and foldable to fit in small backpack.
8mm Thick Layered EVA Magnetic Checker Pieces –Magnetic checker pieces are layered, with top waterproof layer, pattern layer, thickened sponge layer, and bottom magnetic layer so they can easily stick to the board. Travel game for children is designed to be thick so children can pick them with easy and do not get lost or break easily.
Easy To Store, Light Weight, & Uniquely Designed – BST SHIER checkers & tic tac toe outdoor game opens just like a book and its simple 3-fold design makes it easy for children to carry anywhere. Lightweight travel toy weighs only 0.3kg and its size is 17.5cm x 17.5cm x 2cm making it easy to fit in a backpack. Uniquely designed 2 magnetic travel games on one board and clear patterns with bright blue color for kids to have fun anytime, anywhere.
Mind Stimulating Game for Children – Attention to details makes this children tic tac toe travel game much more fun and convenient to play. Perfect group activity for children to engage in team effort, stimulate their thinking process, improve their reasoning abilities, expand their imagination, & boost their creativity. Children will learn to compete and socialize while honing their reasoning capabilities with these travel toys.
Perfect Indoor & Outdoor Travel Board Game – Be it birthday party at home or a holiday trip to beach children would love to bring this travel sized board games with them to enjoy free time. They would love to carry these travel toys with them while camping, traveling, at sleepovers, or at home sharing with their friends. A perfect gift for kids on birthdays, Christmas, thanksgiving, new year, or any other special occasion.,


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