Blue Summit Supplies 30 Pack Dry Erase Lapboard Classroom Set, Includes 30 Whiteboards 9 x 12 Inch, 30 Markers, 30 Erasers, Ideal for Teachers, Students, Sunday School, Group Participation

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Blue Summit SuppliesBlue Summit Supplies


Lapboard designed for classroom and office use

Looking for a cost-effective, paperless solution for the classroom or office? Tired of cheap dry erase whiteboards that smear, stain or peel? Blue Summit Supplies 30 Pack Dry Erase Lapboard whiteboard Classroom Set is the ideal solution for teachers, parents and groups who want a sturdy, long-lasting portable writing solution for their group activities.

Blue summit supplies lapboard whiteboard Blue summit supplies lapboard whiteboard

Blue Summit Supplies 30 Pack Dry Erase Lap board Classroom Set

Single-sided, sturdy dry erase board writing surfaceSmooth, high-quality coating that wipes clean easily without stainingDimensions: 9 x 12 inches. Strong and sturdy fiber board 3mm thickComes with 30 low-odor dry erase markers and 30 sturdy foam erasers 2 x 2 inchesErasers come with sturdy backing making ripping and tearing difficult which makes for a very robust classroom solution

From classroom writing activities to Sunday School to long road trips, the Blue Summit Supplies 30 Pack Dry Erase Lapboard Classroom Set gives teachers and leaders all that they need to make writing, drawing and brainstorming easy and fun.

blue summit supplies school suppliesblue summit supplies school supplies

Make classroom learning simple and fun with our cost-effective classroom set of 30 white boards, erasers and markers. The class pack includes 30 sturdy lap boards, 30 low-odor, non-toxic black dry erase markers and 30 durable foam erasers 2 x 2 inches.
Introduce a fun, paperless solution to the classroom with our student size whiteboards. These sturdy class whiteboards are single-sided and ideal for teachers guiding cooperative learning activities.
Easily write long answers, brainstorm, work math problems, doodle or draw diagrams with our 9 x 12-inch dry erase board that is large enough to work whole problems but small enough for young children to easily handle.
Use our whiteboard for countless projects, classes, or group activities with our 3mm thick whiteboards that are designed for rugged classroom or office environments that reduce chipping and warping.
Use with any dry erase markers with our standard melamine coated whiteboard surface that will easily write and eraser and standard whiteboard markers,


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