BestEquip Magnetic Tumbler Jewelry Polisher 180mm 2000 RPM Finisher 7.3 inch Magnetic Polisher with Adjustable Speed for Jewelry (KT185)

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magnetic tumblersmagnetic tumblers

mophorn magnetic tumbler pins

mophorn magnetic tumbler pins

rock tumbler jewelry making supplies

rock tumbler jewelry making supplies

rotary tumbler for jewelry

rotary tumbler for jewelry

Premium Polishing Barrel

The barrel is multi-sided, made of tough Plexiglass, is leak-proof and will not corrode, uses with all types of media, including steel pins.

Multifunctional Panel

The jewelry polisher tumbler adopts the bidirectional rotation with & timer from 2-30 minutes. With full-featured clear buttons to achieve quick and easy operation, its reasonable layout and intuitive & clear digital display increase daily use convenience.

User-friendly Design

Portable handles are designed on both sides of the jewelry tumbler, which can facilitate the machine’s transport. Underneath heat dissipation vents may take away the heat generated, keeping smooth running.

steel anvils for blacksmithing

steel anvils for blacksmithing

tumbler for jewelry polishing

tumbler for jewelry polishing

tumbler machine jewelry

tumbler machine jewelry

A Bag of Tumbler Pins

A bag of burnishing pins is included with 200g weight, designed for polishing complex details, tiny gaps & multiple settings, but not suitable for flat surfaces.

No-slip Rubber Pad

The wear-resistant rubber pad has the advantage of a non-slip and shock-proof feature. The steel base on the bottom is more stable.

Wide Application

The jewelry polisher tumbler can be used for surface polishing, chamfering, dressing, rust removal, roughing, precision polishing, black spot removal, and fine grinding. Excellent for studio and small jewelry projects.

jewelry polisherjewelry polisher

jewelry tumbler machinejewelry tumbler machine

Voltage: 110V

Burnishing Pins: 200g #5

Time Control: 2-30 Minutes,Two Directions

Speed: 2000 rpm,Capacity: 3 Kg(6.6 lb)

Machine Size: 9.06″ x 9.06″ x 10.83″(23 x 23 x 27.5 cm)

Roller Size: 7.72″ x 4.72″(19.5 x 12 cm)

Weight: 9.3 kg (20.46 lb),Gross Weight: 10 Kg (22 lb)

Package Box Size: 11.02″ x 11.42″ x 16.54″(28 x 29 x 42 cm)

Package Content

1 x Main Unit Several Necessary Accessory 1 x English Manual Burnishing Pins: 200g #5

KT-185 Magnetic Tumbler Jewelry Polisher

The metal tumbler for jewelry has custom time function, fast processing speed, and simple & safe operation for polishing irregular-shaped parts, hole, tubular and other dead ends, cracks, etc. Suitable for light metal, non-ferrous metals, hard plastic, and other precision parts to achieve deburring, chamfering, polishing, washing, and other multiple effects.

Durable & Reliable Material Powerful Performance Flexible Adjustment User-Friendly Design

110V 110V 110V 110V
45W 60W 250W 180W
6.6 lb(3KG) 11 lb(5KG) 6.6 lb(3KG) 0.9 lb(0.4KG)

Magnetic tumbler voltage: 110V. Speed: 2000rpm.Polishing chamber size: 7″ x 4.7″(180 x 120mm).Burnishing pins: 200g #5.Time control: 10-60 minutes
Adjust the variable frequency, to meet a variety of polishing needs.Can be polished without dead ends
Most finishing operations are completed in under 30 minutes, just place your jewelry pieces, the steel pins, water, and special burnishing compound in the bowl, and press the “on” button
It can made the custom time, fast processing speed, simple and safe operation
The jewelry polisher tumbler is suitable for light metal, non-ferrous metals, hard plastic and other precision parts,


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