9 Pcs Fidget Magnetic Rings, Colorful Finger Fidget Rings, Stress Relief Fidget Magnetic Toys for Autism Anxiety, Great Fidget Magnet Rings Set for Adults/Teens/Kids.

Fidget Magnetic Ring Toys

When you are fidgeting, emotionally depressed, stressed, or in a bad mood, use our magnetic ring, which can provide endless fun, help relieve emotions, release stress and improve concentration.

Each ring is made of non-toxic and durable materials, with perfect workmanship and quality assurance to ensure a consistent and smooth rotation on the fingertips.
Material: Plastic + Magnet
Magnetic ring size: outer diameter 3.1cm – Inner diameter 1.8cm
The package includes:
9 pcs magnetic rings (3 color patterns)
【9Pcs Magnetic Rings】: All fidget rings are made of safe materials, including 3 color patterns. They are of high quality and very durable. The smooth surface protects your fingers from scratches and does not require oil maintenance. There are 6 magnets installed in each ring, so that the magnetic rings can be strongly attracted to have a better rotating experience.
【Effective decompression toy】: This magnet rings has a variety of playing skills, learning skills, it can be flipped and rotated on the fingers, and can be completed with only one hand. When you feel anxious, you can quickly focus your attention and reduce your stress and relieve anxiety through a simple spinning game. Different colors not only help improve concentration, but also stimulate creativity and improve hands-on ability.
【Multiplayer party play toys】: The magnetic ring can be freely combined with friends according to the needs of the scene, forming a variety of gameplay methods, creating new multiplayer games, competing together, and making the game interesting. It is very suitable for sharing with friends and family. It is very suitable for office, home party or travel to play with friends.
【Convenient storage and carrying】: The magnetic ring decompression toy is small in size and light in weight. It is easy to carry. It can be put in a pocket, pencil case or backpack. It does not take up space and can be taken out to play anytime, anywhere.
【The best gift】: This is a highly playable and cost-effective fidget toy. Whether it is for children or adults, it will be the best gift for children to exercise finger flexibility.,