1Inch 25mm Rainbow Magnetic Stones, 6Piece Magnets Balls with Bag, Hematite Magnetic Rattlesnake Egg.

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1 Inch 25mm Rainbow Magnetic Balls, 6 Pieces Sphere Magnets Fidget Toys with Bag, Hematite Magnetic Rattlesnake Egg.

1 Inch 25mm 6 pcs Balls with High Quality Bag Package Are Ideal As A Gift, Gift Wrap Available.

Magnetic Balls Has an Smooth Surface and Curve Edges Which Make it a Safe and Perfect Sphere.

They Produce a Smile-Sparking Rattle Inspired By The Legendary Rattlesnake Whenever They Slam Together.

Goodbye Stress and Boredom, Magnetic Balls are The Perfect Stress Reliever and Daytime Boredom Buster.

Magnetic Balls Has The Perfect Size and Weight So You or Your Kids Can Play with Just One Hand.

Thoughtfully Sized for Easy Portability and Space-friendly Storage. You Can Take it Anywhere.

Magnetic Balls Also Make an Excellent Sensory Tool to Improve Concentration, Focus, Attention, and Active Listening.

Magnetic Balls Create a Sense of Calmness, While Promoting Problem Solving and Creative Thinking Skills.

Please keep away from children under the age of 12 years. BAG-PACKED– 1 inch 6 pieces balls with high quality bag package are ideal as a gift, Gift Wrap Available.
MAGNET: One N and One S Pole on the Opposite Sides. It will Attract to Magnetic Items Like Steel Fridge or Cabinet.
AUDIENCE–Perfect for students and office people, NICO SEEWONDER Magnets are helpful for calming down and improving focus skills.
APPLICATIONS– Novelty magnetic rattle snake eggs can be created thousands of unique,creative and fun arrangements, great for magnetic education, school science projects, fridge or office magnets, toy for fun and can be used to relieve stress by squeezing them into a stress ball.
SAFETY– Buzzing Stunt Magnets has an smooth surface and curve edges which make it a safe and perfect toy.,


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