15 Pack Educational Posters for Preschool Kids Classroom Learning Alphabet Numbers Shapes Colors Laminated Poster Chart Set

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Educational PostersEducational Posters


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Educational posters for toddlers

We designed this set of posters according to the five concepts of early childhood education, which can build up children’s cognition of things from multiple dimensions, stimulate children’s curiosity and desire to explore, improve children’s enthusiasm of language communication, and develop their language ability.

Arousing Learning Interesting Partner of Autistic Children A Variety of Themes Develop A Habit of Learning Best Teaching Assistant For Teachers


Modern education?

With the progress of science and technology, more and more parents have begun to take a liking to relying on TV, tablet, mobile phone and other tools to complete their children’s preschool education.

Although it is convenient, it is far from being enriching and practical for children who are in the cognitive world.


Parents Are the Best Teachers

This poster contains a variety of themes, the picture is colourful, the size is large enough to attract the children’s eyes, the children’s interest will be fully mobilized in learning, then they will fall in love with learning.

This is definitely a good helper for parents or teacher and a good partner for children.

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FREE Glue Dot

Besides the excellent performance of the posters, it can be easily used on anything, such as photo walls, balloon arched doors, journals, handicrafts, greeting cards, letter seals… Easy to peel without leaving glue, gently tears off if mistakenly stuck, won’t damage your wall or paper, children also can easily use it and it is better than double-sided glue. Each tape has separate packaging. Not using it for long periods of time can also ensure strong stickiness and will not dry and evaporate.


【VIVID COLOR SCHEME】: Bright color schemes and vivid patterns can catch the attention of children immediately. It helps them to quickly establish basic cognitive skills and brighten their eyes.
【VARIOUS CATEGORIES】 This set of posters covers 15 basic knowledge points of daily classifications, including: numbers, letters, dates, times, seasons, colors, shapes, holidays, animals, etc. It is very detailed and specific.
【WELL MADE】 Heavy duty semi-gloss paper can effectively prevent paper damage or rolls; not only can double-sided waterproof film prevent water stains and grease but it can also work with whiteboard pens, chalk, crayons; the right size means that it is also great for reading and learning.
【WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS】 It can be applied to tutoring situations, preschools, online education, daycare, studies, toy rooms, bedrooms, and other scenarios. You can learn anywhere.
【PERFECT AFTER-SALES SERVICE】 If you find any defects, breakages, repetition or other problems with the product, you can contact us for a free replacement, and you experience subsequent upgrade of the product for free as well.,


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