10 Pieces Jewellery Magnetic Clasps. Round Magnetic Clasps for Bracelets and Necklaces, 8 mm

These shining round magnetic latch are effortless to connect most jewelry clasps.
Good for people to fasten the necklace who have difficulty with hand or long nails.

These magnetic jewelry buckle are popular these years, beautiful and decent.
The magnetic clasps are attractive and easy to fasten clasps for necklaces and bracelets.

More application:
The small magnetic clasps can also be applied to some clothes or accessories designed by yourself which is not stylish but also charming.

Total length: 0.57 inch
Tube diameter: 0.32 inch
Connector hole: 0.079 inch
Material: brass copper and magnetic
Color: white steel color
Usage: clasps

10 x Round magnetic clasp
1 x Flannelette bag
Material and color: the color is white steel color with shining; Plated metal of textural quality; Magnetism makes the scattered magnetic clasps come together
Features: the round clasp is a magnetic latch, effortless to connect most jewelry clasps; It can apply as a necklace or bracelet latch which is beautiful and practicable
Application: popular jewelry latch, beautiful and decent; Magnetic clasps are attractive and easy to fasten clasps for necklace and bracelets; Good for people who have difficulty with hand or long nails
Size detail: each of these magnetic clasps is about 0.57 inch long; The tube diameter is about 0.32 inch; The connector hole is about 0.079 inch
Package included: 10 pieces magnetic clasps, in a drawstring pouch for storage easily or as a gift send to your friends; Magnetic make them draw together and will not be messy,