(10PCS black) hematite magnets Magnet Stones 2.36*0.7 inches Snake Egg Magnet Rattlesnake magnet toy Suitable for Children’s Brain Development, Refrigerator Magnet Easter Birthday Neat Party Gifts

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magnetic stone magnetbast magnet toy magnet balls fidget toys Snake Egg Magnet Rattlesnake

Magnet toy Snake egg magnet rattlesnake gadget for children’s brain development, adults to relieve stress, no age limit, magnetic toys Office, school, outdoor toys, magnetic toys for refrigerator 2.36*0.7 inches

magnet toy

magnet toymagnet toy

Snake Egg Magnet Rattlesnake magnetic stone magnetbast

Stimulate Inspiration

Magnet toys liberate your imagination and inspire you to enjoy a full sense of accomplishment after creating a variety of unique shapes.

magnet balls fidget toys


Hematite magnet

When the little magnetic toys touch together, they will dance, spin and even “sing”, making the sound of a rattlesnake


magnetic stonemagnetic stone

Gifts for children, the development of brain toy magnets

10 black oval magnets in a portable premium cloth bag. A great gift for kids at Christmas, Halloween, birthday, any holiday. Bring fun and impress everyone.

【Inspiration】 Magnet toys bring you a variety of different feelings, creating a full sense of achievement for you.
【 nice “music”】When the black hematite magnets touch, they dance, spin, and even “sing,” making a rattlesnake-like sound.
【you will love magnets】Rattlesnake Egg Magnet, you’ll love it. These toy dials can also be used as refrigerator magnets.
【Warning!!! 】The snake egg magnet contains magnets. Swallowed magnets may stick to the intestines and cause serious infection and death. If magnets are swallowed or inhaled, seek immediate medical attention.
【Warranty & Service】We have been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and provide a one-year warranty for any quality problems, 100% money back or exchange to ensure your satisfaction, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will be within 24 hours reply you.,


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